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FINRA Arbitration and Mediation​

The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (a/k/a 'FINRA') is the organization that promulgates regulations concerning financial investment services. When an investor engages a financial adviser to manager their investments and a dispute arises, arbitration is required 99% of the time. A lawyer experienced in financial investment laws can help recover financial losses due to financial broker churning, broker negligence, or breach of financial fiduciary duty.  

The Immigration and Nationality Act

U.S. Immigration Laws are very complex and often confusing, even for experienced immigration lawyers.  The "INA" is one place where you can find some of the most important and commonly invoked immigration laws. A more comprehensive enumeration of the immigration laws is in the Title 8 of the Code of Federal Regulations.  

The Maryland Code

Here you will find Maryland's Statutory Criminal Laws, Civil Laws, Tax Laws, Court Rules, etc.  


Integrity, Dedication & Competence


Our experienced Annapolis Immigration Lawyers, Contract Lawyers, Civil Litigation Lawyers, and Criminal Defense Lawyers Understand that Some People Like to Do Their Homework First  

​​The U.S. constitution

The Partner lawyers at our Annapolis law firm both lived and worked for many years overseas, often in austere conditions and during political and social upheaval, such as in pre-NATO Kosovo, war-torn Colombia, ex-Soviet Georgia, and communist/socialist era Yugoslavia. This experience has fostered a great appreciation for the original source of law for our republican democracy and, yes, the freedoms that U.S. citizens enjoy compared to many other places around the world.  

Legal Dictionary 

Social conspiracy theories help explain why "legal jargon" is often hard to understand by non-attorneys, but even experienced attorneys have a legal dictionary laying about in close range. Use this one published by to refresh what your Annapolis lawyer informed you about depositions, discovery, negligence or strict liability.    

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