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 Immigration and Naturalization

     "Immigration" and "Naturalization," in their strictest sense, pertain to those persons intending to become U.S. Lawful Permanent Residents, or those who have been Lawful Permanent Residents for several years and are seeking to acquire U.S. Citizenship, respectively.                  
     Although it may seem easy to fill out a few forms and wait for approval, in reality there are many opportunities for mistakes. There are thousand of pages that make up the U.S. Immigration Laws.  We have had many applicants come to us after attempting to go it alone.  Only after receiving a "Notice of Intent to Deny" from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service did they come to us for help. Many times, critical mistakes had already been made, and getting the case back on the proper track - after the client had lost much time - cost more than if the applicant had sought help from an Annapolis Immigration Attorney at the start. 
      In more than several instances, applicant's had been placed in Deportation and Removal Proceedings and were now on the "defense" when they should have been starting their life as a new resident. Call the Annapolis Immigration Lawyers at Schifanelli Law, LLP, to help you before you start the process to immigrate to the U.S. 

Financial Industry Regulatory Authority Arbitration

      If you have an investment account managed by a broker, broker dealer, investment or financial advisor, and you suffer unwanted financial losses, you may have a case against the broker and/or advisor.  However, not in the regular courts of law.

     When you opened your investment account, you (the investor) likely agreed to arbitrate any dispute regarding fees, recovery of financial losses or other causes of action.  You forfeited the right  to take your claims to court.  

     Securities related arbitrations are administered by the Dispute Resolution office of FINRA - the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority.  FINRA promulgates rules of conduct for its member firms (registered investment advisors/broker dealers) and any associated members (financial advisors).  It also sets the rules of arbitration when disputes arise between brokers and investors.  These fall under the general category of "customer disputes."  Learn More About How We Can Help.

     FINRA Dispute Resolution also considers actions filed by Financial Advisors (FA's) against their former or current employers for unlawful employment practices, including FINRA Form U4/U5 Defamation cases. For a Financial Advisor, employer entries on your Form U4/U5 can literally make or break your career. Unfortunately, especially in the larger firms, employers can lodge  derogatory entries that are misleading, false, or unclear. These type entries, especially those that concern ethics violations, can cause havoc by preventing the FA from being hired by a gaining firm. The FA's only remedy is to take the case to FINRA sponsored arbitration and ask for an expungement of the entry from the Central Registration Depository Learn More About How We Can Help.

Integrity, Dedication & Competence

Our Annapolis Lawyers Provide Highly Competent Legal Services in Several Areas Including Immigration Law, Civil Litigation, and Arbitration Administered by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA)

Criminal Defense

     Criminal Defense in the United States starts off with the premise that, just because you were arrested or cited by the police for committing a crime - it doesn't mean you're guilty. It's the state - the government - that has the burden to prove the elements of the crime with which you are charged. If the state can't do that, then it should not be allowed to take away your freedom with jail time or your money with fines.  This is the secured right of "due process" that Americans, prior to the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution, had not been readily afforded as Colonists.  

     Today, criminal defense lawyers put the government to task. They analyze a criminal case from several perspectives, starting with asking whether the police had "probable cause" or "specific articulable facts" to stop or apprehend you in the first place; or whether their search of your home, vehicle, or even your pockets was lawful under the Fourth and Fourteenth Amendments to the Constitution. If not, then any evidence collected by your apprehension or the unlawful search could be thrown out of the case.

     Next, the lawyer will consider the facts that the government can prove. If your actions do not fit the legal description (or "elements") of the crime, then the result should be an acquittal or "not guilty" verdict.

     Finally, if convicted, a lawyer can help you mitigate the penalties imposed by a court. The lawyer can advocate on your behalf: convincing the judge why he or she should not throw the book at you even though you are guilty ( e.g., you had a bad case of "affluenza").       


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Other Practice Areas

      Schifanelli Law, LLP is a "general practice" law firm.  Our partner attorneys and associates are proficient in many areas of State and Federal law. This benefits our clients because we get a comprehensive view of their issues and how all of the laws potentially affect the outcome of their matter, or may affect their general well being. 

     For example, our clients may face criminal charges that we know could affect their immigration status in various degrees. They may have family issues that will directly impact on their financial, business or estate planning posture.

     Our Annapolis, Maryland law firm advises and assists clients in the following additional areas of law and more:



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