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Worker's Compensation

     The main sources of employment law include the U.S. and Maryland Constitutions, the Maryland Code, the COMAR, and Maryland Court of Appeals Opinions.  These latter bodies of law are particularly relevant when an employee in Maryland suffers physical or psychological injury while on the job.  When injury happens, the worker's right to Maryland Worker's Compensation benefits accrue.  These benefits include being paid wages while you are unable to work as a result of your injury, the right to have your injury-related medical expenses paid or reimbursed by your employer, and the right to be financially compensated for any permanent impairment caused by your injury.   You may also be eligible for vocational rehabilitation.  

Asserting Your Rights

     If you get injured on the job in Maryland, you first need to make your employer aware. Employers in Maryland are required to have worker's compensation insurance to cover expenses for injured employees, but you need to let someone know because not all injuries are traumatic or the result of an obvious accident.  For example, carpal tunnel syndromeor post traumatic stress may manifest themselves over time and relatively unnoticed.

     Once on notice, your employer should make a notice of the injury with their worker's compensation insurance carrier. If they do, then an adjuster is likely to reach out to you and, if it's clear that your injury was compensable (i.e., job-related), you should start to receive payment for time missed from work, payment of your medical bills, etc. 

Why You Need a Worker's Compensation Lawyer

     However, what employers and insurers should do is not always what the actually do. Many times after reporting an injury, the employer (or insurer) will challenge whether or not the injury is "compensable." That is, they will argue that the accident or injury didn't arise from work related activity,or didn't even happen at all. Even if they do admit that you were injured on the job, they have no obligation to inform or help you get all the benefits available to you (especially money).  For persons working without authorization, Maryland will not let an employer have the benefit of your labor without the obligation to provide relief if you're injured. You are covered for most benefits!   

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Labor and Employment Law

Labor and Employment Law is a broad area of law that considers the Rights and Duties of both employees and employers. Schifanelli Law, LLP Assists Employees who have suffered physical, psychological or economic injury while on the job.

Employment Discrimination

     Discrimination in the workplace is prohibited under both federal and State laws.  Federal Law includes:

     Title VII prohibits covered employers from discriminating on grounds of race, religion, national origin, color, sex or pregnancy related conditions. Not all employers, however, are subject to the federal anti-discrimination laws.  If, for example, an employer has less than 15 employees, then Title VII cannot be invoked.

     The Equal Pay Act is part of the Fair Labor Standards Act, or FLSA. It provides that an employer must pay equal compensation to employees for similar work that requires equal skill, effort and responsibility.

     Persons with qualifying physical or mental disabilities must be treated equally by covered employers in regards to terms, conditions, and privileges of work, including hiring, compensation, and promotion.

     The ADEA makes it unlawful for an employer to discriminate against an employee on the basis of age (employees 40 or older) in regards to terms, conditions and privileges of work.

Discrimination can be insidious: recognized at first with only the gut feeling that "something just isn't fair" among otherwise equally qualified employees. The Attorneys at Schifanelli Law, LLP have successfully represented employees who were victims of discrimination based on race, gender, age, and disability. These have included workers provided unequal in-kind benefits and opportunities to earn commission-based salaries, wrongful termination, and outright hostility based on color (including non-color, as it were).  If you believe you are or have been discriminated against, let us put our experience to work and review your matter.