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Do I Really Need An Attorney for My Legal Problem?
Ask any attorney that question and the answer is almost sure to be "yes!"  However, it's not because the attorney simply wants or needs your business. It's because most experienced attorneys know that navigating the legal system - whether it's in family court, the immigration court, defending your constitutional rights or trying to recover economic losses caused by another party - can be extremely challenging. If something is overlooked, the system can be unforgiving.  There are more laws and regulations on the books today than at any other time in  human history, and failing to consider all of those relevant to your case can be catastrophic.  All experienced attorneys have had consultations with people who start off the conversation with "Well, I tried to do it myself but....."   If you're lucky, it might not be too late to help get your case back on track, whether it's applying for a green card, defending in deportation, child custody, criminal law or civil litigation.  But the best advice is to contact an Annapolis lawyer at Schifanelli Law, LLP for a consultation as soon as you believe you have a legal problem.  If you really don't need a lawyer, we will gladly tell you.

How much do you charge?
Any lawyer in Annapolis, Maryland will have a difficult time answering this question without first knowing the details of your case.  Every case is different in either facts or law. That's why we prefer that you come to our Annapolis lawyer office for an in-depth initial consultation.  Sometimes we can do it by telephone, but meeting in person benefits both us and you. You get to size up the attorney(s) with whom you may be working to resolve your matter. Once we have gathered all the facts and put them in legal perspective, we may charge a flat fee, an hourly fee, or we may work on a contingency fee (where we don't get paid for our attorney services unless we are able to win monetary damages for you in your case).

Do I need an Annapolis Lawyer who "specializes" in the area of law that pertains to me?
Maryland lawyers are not "specialists" since all are extensively trained in the general practice of law.  Some lawyers in Annapolis do focus on one or just a few areas of law, for example trusts and estates, or criminal defense; others hold themselves out as "general practice" lawyers.  However, all Maryland barred lawyers in Annapolis are able to represent clients with any Maryland legal matter or issue. The Annapolis lawyers at our office are able to practice throughout Maryland, including the Federal District Court, and in several other states and the District of Columbia.  We are a "general practice" law firm, but our attorneys do focus on several areas, including: